Video Production Portfolio

Here's a sample of a video production I shot for the Housing Association of Nonprofit Developers (HAND) 2017 Winner. This is one of a series of videos used at the awards presentations in 2017. I also shot the 2018 videos, and I will post one after the awards are given. The producer is Robin Hamilton of ARound Robin Productions and the video editor is Catherine Miller of CanCan Productions. 

Here's a commercial I shot way back in late May of 2013 featuring the future 2018 Olympic ice skater Vincent Zhou.  Vincent was a little kid then, and he was the youngest member of the 2018 winter Olympic team. This is one of a series of  five commercials for Connections Academy, an Online school. Will Vincent go for Olympic gold in 2022?

The YWCA of Annapolis Maryland commissioned this promotional film. I shot the interviews and YWCA footage. I was tasked with finding the storyline. After multiple versions of edits, I turned it back over to my client, who had their video editor make additional effects, graphics, and final color grade adjustments.

A recent video for Shepherd's Table, a non-profit in Silver Spring, Maryland. Shepherd’s Table’s provides help to people who are homeless or in need with meals, social services, medical support, and clothing.

A quick promo for a United Way Campaign. 

United Way Does That?

Washington First Bank Food 4 Families Video

This shoot was all about the lighting.

I shot this video for the Ballston BID LaunchPad Challenge, to promote high tech business opportunities. It was primarily sponsored by Ted Leonsis because of the tie in with the Washington Capitals hockey team that practices in Ballston, Virginia . This video ran in movie theaters and online.

I shot this with my Sony F5 in 4K SLog3. We had a small crew to make the smallest, least intrusive footprint possible in this working hospital.

Dignity and Defiance: A Portrait of Mary Church Terrell

Raised in privilege but degraded by persistent racial prejudice, Mary Church Terrell fought for the basic human right to be treated equally. Born the year of the Emancipation Proclamation, she made it her life’s mission to fight for justice. Today, her home on 326 T Street, NW Washington DC is a dilapidated frame in LeDroit Park. It's demise threatens to erase a landmark that should be saved  to preserve her legacy. 

Airs-WHUT 5x June, 2018.